At Studio Opolis, we use typography, color and design to give voice to business content, and tell stories better.
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Info Graphics

Using a secret blend of Pantone colors and beautiful typography, we can turn dry facts and figures into a bento box of brain food.

Publication Design

Give us pages of text, and we'll give you readers. From eBooks to monthly magazines, we can do (and have done) it all.

Presentation Design

We can't help you with stage fright. But ``is my slide deck gonna suck`` fright? That's a problem we'd love to solve.


Seen is good. Read is better. But interaction? That's the best. Engage more than just eyeballs with a click-click-click.


From direct mail to display ads, packaging to point-of-purchase, coupons to car wraps. Yeah, we can do that.


Need more than just a designer? No problem! We work with some of the best writers, artists and programmers out there.
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Your business has a story to tell. Possibly several. Give us a call and let's discuss ways to tell your story better, so it can really connect with your audience.