Nathan Adams

Graphic Designer, Owner

Writers tell better stories. Designers tell stories better.
Hello! I’m Nathan Adams, and I’ve been using graphic design to help companies communicate better since 1993. I believe that design is storytelling, and I started Studio Opolis to help others tell their stories. I create work that may not appeal to everyone — nothing does — but that really appeals to the right audience.

What I'm Great At
eBook and Publication Design
Info Graphics
What I Do

I am a graphic designer/art director with a strong focus on editorial, story-driven design. For more than 20 years, I’ve been designing publications, ebooks, info graphics, print advertising and other marketing-centric communication (brochures, direct mail, etc.) that are designed to be read, rather than just looked at. I also have a particular affinity for projects requiring the use of custom illustration.

I’m a one-man band who plays well with others, occasionally runs with scissors, but never, never eats paste.

Lets Do Business

Your business has a story to tell. Possibly several. Sounds like you need a storyteller. Give me a call and we can discuss how to make your story connect with your audience effectively. Let's get to work.